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Aloha Tri-Asia Package
It's 3 in 1 Best Value Trip!
Offering EASY booking with our set travel plan to 3 of East Asia’s coolest cities.  Spend 3 nights in Exquisite Taipei, Taiwan to get your bubble tea and foot massage fix. Next, fly direct to Exciting Seoul, South Korea with countless shopping districts to frequent in 3 nights.  Lastly, spend 3 more nights in Elegant Tokyo, with superb culinary delights all in 9 nights / 11 days of travel.​ View Details  

Special Offer Travel Period:
2016 September 1st - November 30th
2017 February 1st - April 30th
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Discover Digest Asia TV
Here We Go...Taiwan!
Join Hawaii's own David Lim and Avian "Super" Ku for all new episodes of Discover Digest Asia.     
DISCOVER DIGEST ASIA is a travelogue created by KJ International, providing package tours and travel services to Asia. Discover Digest is televised throughout Hawaii on KFVE, reaching 433,530 households Statewide.

The show began in 2014 with coverage of South Korea with hosts, Angie Park and David Lim. Discover Digest is now in its third season with episodes to Philippines and Taiwan. KJ International continues to create Discover Digest as onsite research and reviews to maximize your travel experience.
Watch Episodes
Discover the fun!
Friday 7pm & Sunday 6:30pm